Database of texts and images
Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)

Frédérique Lemerle

       This data base compiles a register of manuscripts, printed texts and graphic images (drawings, engravings, and paintings of Gallo-Roman antiquities, from the Italian Wars to the Fronde. A few later accounts from the second half of the 17th century (Perrault, Zeiller…) have been retained owing to their high quality and importance.
The research takes into account texts from historians, antiquarians, geographers, cosmographers and topographers, as well as accounts of trips and diaries left by individuals as diverse as diplomats, professors and students, young notables, or simply cultured individuals or merchants. Graphic sources consist of drawings and engravings, collections or separate pieces as well as images of manuscripts and printed works. One hundred and twenty sites are listed.
The bibliography of sources consists of more than fifty manuscripts and one hundred and ten printed works from the 16th and 17th centuries. A critical bibliography is constantly brought up to date.
The corpus of the images is accompanied by visuals subject to agreement with those holding the rights to free distribution.


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