Freitag, Adam

Title L’architecture militaire ou la fortification nouvelle...
Imprint Leiden, [B. & A. Elzevir], 1635
Localisation Paris, Cnam, Pt Fol Res QE 5
Subject Military architecture
Transcribed version of the text


          The treatise Architectura Militaris Nova et aucta, Oder Newe vermehrte Fortification by Adam Freitag ran to eight editions, four in German (1631, 1635, 1642, 1665) and four in French entitled L’Architecture militaire ou La Fortification nouvelle, Augmentée et enrichie de forteresses regulieres, Irregulieres et de dehors; le tout a la pratique moderne (1635, 1640, 1657, 1668). The first French translation was published in 1635 by Bonaventura and Abraham Elsevier. This in-folio publication of 1635 comprises 179 pages (194 text pages in the German edition) and the printing privilege by the clerk of the States General Cornelis Musch is dated 4 March 1631 (5 August 1630 in the German). In Paris the book went to three French editions in 1640, 1657 and 1668, all three published and sold by Guillaume de Luynes.

Jeroen Goudeau (Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL) – 2015

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