Van Schille, Hans

Title Form und weis zu bauwen...
Imprint Antwerp, G. de Jode, 1573
Subject Military architecture
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     This third edition (1573c) is a variant of the previous one (1573b), with two differences. The title is the same but it is set in another type and layout and with minor variations in spelling (Form vnnd weis zu bauwen...). More importantly, the cartouche at the bottom of the page now contains the name of the author (Mr Hans van Schille Ingenieur et geographe inventor). Contrary to the title, the inscription with the author’s name inside the cartouche is not printed in letterpress but engraved on the copper plate itself; henceforth it occurs in the same way in all subsequent editions.
     This edition is very rare. The Musée Royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire Militaire in Brussels possesses a copy (AK-II-250), inherited from the Belgian historian of military architecture Henri-Emmanuel Wauwermans (1825-1902). There is another copy in Berlin (Kunstbibliothek, OS 3513).

Pieter Martens (KU Leuven – Université catholique de Louvain) – 2015

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