Fréart de Chambray, Roland de
Evelyn, John
Alberti, Leon Battista

Title A parallel of the antient architecture with the modern...
Imprint London, J. Place, 1664
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     We owe the first English edition of Roland Fréart de Chambray’s Parallèle to John Evelyn, who would translate the Idée de la perfection de la peinture, also by Fréart de Chambray, four years later. It differs very little from the 1650 Parisian edition (Fowler 128 ; Riba 1133). In its dedication to Charles II and the Surveyor of the King’s Works Sir John Denham, it attests to Evelyn’s interest in the development of the arts in England. Moreover he added to the translation of the Parallèle an essay he wrote called “An account of architects and architecture in an historical and etymological explanation of certain tearms particularly affected by architects” as well as the translation of the Della statua by Alberti.
It seems that the book, a very expensive folio due to its plates – Hugh May had procured for his friend Evelyn some fine copies of original plates (an engraved title page, head-pieces, tail-pieces,) – did not have the expected commercial success. It was nonetheless reissued in 1680.

Frédérique Lemerle (Centre national de la recherche scientifique,
Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance – 2011

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