Durantino, Francesco Luci, called

Title M. L. Vitruvio Pollione di architettura dal vero esemplare latino nella volgar lingua tradotto...
Imprint Venice, Niccolò Zoppino, 1535
Localisation Einsiedeln, Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin, A04d ; app. 856
Subject Architecture
Transcribed version of the text


   In 1535, Niccolò d’Aristotele de’ Rossi (known as Zoppino) published a new version of the 1524 edition (Di architettura… nella volgar lingua tradotto). The presentation of it is verysimilar (title page, Luci’s headword, index, table of contents) but the translation was modernized all the while respecting the 1524 page layout and the foliation. The errata were deleted, Roman numerals replaced Arabic numerals for the folio numbers, and the preface of the work was set off by the mention “Proemio” at the beginning of book I. The edition found its rival in the partial Italian translation of Vitruvius annotated and illustrated by Giovanni Battista Caporali which came out Perugia in 1536 (Architettura con il suo commento e figure Vetruvio in volgar lingua raportato).

Frédérique Lemerle (CNRS, Tours, CESR) – 2022

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