Author(s) Niceron, Jean-François
Title La perspective curieuse... Divisée en quatre livres...
Imprint Paris, J. Du Puis, 1663
Localisation Tours, Cesr, SR 46 (7163)
Subject Perspective
Transcribed version of the text


     François Langlois’s widow, Madeleine Collemont, who had remarried Pierre II Mariette in 1655, relayed one part of her collection to Mariette’s brother-in-law, the publisher Jean Du Puis (1663-1675). In 1663 he republished the entire 1652 treatise, modifying only the title page. This reprint, a quarter of a century after Niceron’s first essay, is evidence of the interest that painters and scholars had in anamorphoses during the 17th century.


Jean-Pierre Manceau (Tours) – 2014


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