Cataneo, Girolamo
De Tournes, Jean (translator)

Title Le capitaine...
Imprint [Geneva], J. de Tournes, 1600
Localisation Besançon, Bibliothèque municipale, 238465
Subject Military architecture


     In 1600, Jean de Tournes, in Geneva since November 1585, reprinted the edition of the Capitaine by Cataneo which he had brought out in Lyon in 1574. They have the same characteristics. He reused the frontispiece but discarded the note of the privilege which no longer appears in the introductory pieces. Some copies have “Cologni” (Geneva) as their location. De Tournes offered a revised edition : the text was noticeably modified (pp. 64-65) and corrected (pp. 21-23). The double page given over to the sixth diagram (pp. 54-55), whereas it was inserted in the preceding edition (1574, p. 53) without the note “sixième figure”, creates a single discrepancy in the page numbering. This becomes regular again starting at page 61. The same year de Tournes also produced an edition in Latin.

Frédérique Lemerle (Centre national de la recherche scientifique,
Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours) – 2012

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