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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Narbonne (Aude, 11)
Subject(s) Miscellanea
Author(s) Zinzerling, Just
  Dutch scholar (1590-1618)
Resource type Printed book
Date 1616
References Zinzerling 1616, p. 198

Bernard 1859, pp. 1-14 ; Gayraud 1981 ; Dellong 2003 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 32-33, 84

Remarks Zinzerling stayed in France from 1612 to 1616

« Antiquitatis monimenta sunt infinita in muris & propugnaculis, in quć nemini conscendere licet sine permissum gubernatoris qui expressč interdicere solet admissis, ne quidquam describant. »
= “There are a great number of ancient monuments incorporated in the city walls, but no-one is allowed to climb up to inspect them without permission from the governor, who usually refuses to grant it and who strictly forbids their being drawn.”