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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Bourges (Cher, 18)
Subject(s) Amphitheatre
Author(s) Platter, Thomas II
  Physician from Basel, younger brother of Felix Platter (1574-1628)
Resource type Manuscript
Date 1599
References Platter A λ V, f. 460v°=Keiser 1968, p. 522

Keiser 1968 ; Provost/Chevrot/Troadec 1992, pp. 92-93 ; Le Roy Ladurie 1995 ; Le Roy Ladurie 2000 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 28-31, 107-108 ; Le Roy Ladurie 2006


The passages in italics were added by Platter subsequently to the period in which the rest of the text was written (1604-1605)


« Daß diese statt auch mechtig alt seye, zeiget der gemelte Große Thurn unndt daß amphitheatrum oder schauwplatz, der da gewesen sein soll, noch an. Von wem sie aber erstliche erbauwet seye, ist nicght gar gewiß, wie woll ettliche die erste fundation den Griechen zuschreiben. »
= “That this town is very ancient can be seen by the big tower already mentioned, as well as the amphitheatre or entertainment venue, that surely have been here a very long time. When exactly they were built is not certain; some believe the town to have been founded by the Greeks.”