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Ville Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais, 62)
Subject(s) ‘Tour d’Ordre’ (Tower of Order)
Author(s) Coryat, Thomas
  English traveller (c. 1577-1617)
Resource type Printed book
Date 1611
References Coryat 1611, p. 8
Bibliography Schutte 1978 ; Delmaire 1994, pp. 292-292 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 35-36, 119-120

« About a mile from the towne there is a very high and strong watch tower built vpon the toppe of an eminent hill, which our English men doe commonly call the old man of Boulogne. This tower in a cleare day is easily to be seene from Dover Castle : it is said that Iulius Cæsar was the first founder of this tower, which he erected to the end to fortifie that place for his souldiers against the Gaules, and the bordering Britaines whom at that time he oppugned. »