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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône, 13)
Subject(s) Aqueduct
Author(s) Solier, Jules Raymond de

Protestant lawyer attached to the parliament of Aix-en-Provence and historian (1530-before 1595)

Resource type Manuscript
Date 1572
References Solier 759, I, 73, p. 129

DLF XVIe siècle, p. 1088 ; Le Menn 1998, pp. 3-28 ; Lemerle 2005, p. 62 ; Rothé/Trézigny 2005, pp. 602-603


The two towers mentioned by Solier were perhaps the remains of a siphon. The manuscript 759 is a copy, made by the Baron of Méjanes, of the manuscript signed by Solier, today incomplete, particularly Book 1 (Aix-en-Provence, Bibliothèque Méjanes, ms. 758)


« unde fontium caniculi derivantur extant castella duo turrium instar omnino integre immensæ profunditatis ex lapide quadrato plene aque ad summitates usque quæ supra terræ superficiem non attollantur nec constat quis quove tempore structuram hujus suspiciendi operis tam alte demiserit. »
= “The conduits of the fountain issue from two tower-like buildings, completely buried so that no part shows above ground level; these buildings, built with square stones, are filled with water, right to the very top. The author of this admirable construction is not known.”