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Ville Balaruc-les-Bains (Hérault, 34)
Subject(s) Thermae
Author(s) Platter, Thomas II
  Physician from Basel, younger brother of Felix Platter (1574-1628)
Resource type Drawing (pen and ink)
Date 1595
Inscription « Bains de Baleruck vide in Almanach et parvo libello Dortomanni. »
References Platter A λ V, entre les ff. 48 et 49

Astruc 1737, p. 312 ; Bonnard 1908, pp. 362-364 ; Keiser 1968, p. 86, n. 1 and p. 87, n. 3 ; Le Roy Ladurie 2000, pp. 129-130 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 29-31 ; Lugand/Bermond 2001, pp. 182-185


The inscription refers to N. Dortoman's work on the waters of Balaruc (Lyon, 1579), printed in Latin as an octavo and containing a plan of the thermal baths. Platter's drawing was however not inspired by Dortoman's work

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