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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Toulouse (Haute-Garonne, 31)
Subject(s) Temple / Temple of Apollo
Author(s) Bertrand, Nicolas
  Historian and lawyer attached to the parliament of Toulouse (14..?-15..?)
Resource type Printed book
Date 1515
References Bertrand 1515, ff. 4v°, 12

DLF XVIe siècle, p. 141 ; Labrousse 1968, pp. 412-417 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 97-100


Further on (p. 12), N. Bertrand identifies the Temple of Apollo with the Church of Saint-Quintin. If the existence of a Temple of Apollo at Toulouse cannot be doubted, its situation remains uncertain. According to ancient hearsay, the temple was located in the Daurade area. However, tradition also has it that this same area was the site of a temple dedicated to Isis or Jupiter. Thus, while the existence of a Roman temple in the Daurade area is certain; the divinity to which is was dedicated is not


« præcipuum [templorum] erat illud Apollinis quod tunc temporis erat in loco vbi nunc est ecclesia beate marie Deaurate […] [12] His igitur temporibus Tholose precipua duo templa fuere : Iouis scilicet, et Apollinis.[…]. Alterum vero s. Apollinis prope vicum de la portaria in ecclesia que nunc sancti Quintini dicitur. »