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Ville Aix-les-Bains (Savoie, 73)
Subject(s) Temple
Author(s) Du Rivail, Aymar
  Jurisconsult and historian from the Dauphiné province (c. 1490-c. 1560)
Resource type Manuscript
Date Before 1535
References Du Rivail 6014, I, f. 30 = Terrebasse 1844, pp. 57-58
Bibliography p align="justify">DLF XVIe siècle, p. 446 ; Terrebasse 1844 ; Macé 1852 ; Rémy/Ballet/Ferber 1996, pp. 104-105 ; Lemerle 2005, p. 58


Modern archaeologists are apparently unaware of Rivail's important account of the antiquities of Aix (Rémy/Ballet/Ferber 1996)


« Intra Aquas oppidum, erat prætorium mirabilis compositionis, sine calce laminibus ferreis colligatum, ubi incolis et totius regionis hominibus Romanorum judices et prætores jus reddebant ; et a parte solis ortus apertum, in reliquis vero lateribus clausum erat, et ædificium hujusmodi grossissimi lapides adornabant, et tectum basi largius, magna lapidum congeries instar cristæ erat ; hodie pars est castri domini loci. Prope id prætorium, adhuc est arcus triumphalis integer »…
= “Within the town, there was a court of justice, admirably built using sheets of iron rather than lime, where the judges and magistrates resided and administered justice amongst all the people of this region. Open towards the east and closed on the other sides, it was constructed with very large stone blocks and had a wide based roof, made with large stones accumulating in a crest. Today, it is part of the residence of the local lord. Nearby this court there still today an intact triumphal arch…”