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Ville Lyon (Rhône, 69)
Subject(s) Miscellanea
Author(s) Platter, Thomas II
  Physician from Basel, younger brother of Felix Platter (1574-1628)
Resource type Manuscript
Date 1595
References Platter A λ V, f. 17, ed. Keiser 1968, p. 33

Keiser 1968 ; Le Roy Ladurie 1995 ; Le Roy Ladurie 2000 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 28-31, 110-112


The passages in italics were added by Platter subsequently to the period in which the rest of the text was written (1604-1605)


« Leon, frantzösisch Lyon, zu latein Lugdunum von dem frantzösischen könig Lugdo, der zu Moses zeiten, ehe derselbig geboren wardt, von der welt erschaffung 3225 gelebt undt dise statt solle erbauwen haben, genennet, ist gar eine alte statt, darinnen viel triumph bogen, waßergeng under der erden, dardurch von 5 oder 6 meilen her daß waßer in die statt istgeführet worden, unndt sonst andere vie alte sachen gesehen werden. »
= “ 'Leon', in French 'Lyon', in Latin 'Lugdunum', takes its name from the French king Lugdo, who reigned during the lifetime of Moses or, rather, just before the birth of Moses in the year 3225 of the creation of the world. This town that he built and which was named after him is thus very ancient. It contains many triumphal arches and underground water conduits by which means water was brought into the town from five or six miles away. Many other ancient things can be seen there too.”