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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Vienne (Isère, 38)
Subject(s) Thermae (Palais des Chanaux)
Author(s) Platter, Thomas II
  Physician from Basel, younger brother of Felix Platter (1574-1628)
Resource type Manuscript
Date 1595
References Platter A λ V, f. 22= Keiser 1968, pp. 45-46

Keiser 1968 ; Pelletier 1982, pp. 152-155 ; Le Roy Ladurie 1995 ; Le Roy Ladurie 2000 ; Lemerle 2003, pp. 10-14 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 28-31, 95


The passage in italics was added by Platter subsequently to the period in which the rest of the text was written (1604-1605). The name 'Tour d’Orange' probably originated from the imprisonment of Louis de Chalon, Prince of Orange, in the tower constructed during the reign of Charles VII on the remains of the portico of the baths (Chorier 1658, pp. 382-383)


« Im eingang deß rhathauß ist auf den seiten ein großer, alter thurn von großen quaderen, Orengen thurn genennet, weil ein fürst von Orange 22 jahr darinn gefangen gelegen. »
= “At the entrance of the town hall, at the side, there is a large, old tower, built with big stone blocks; it is known as the 'Orange Tower' (Tour d'Orange) because the Prince of Orange was imprisoned in it for 22 years.”