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Ville Orange (Vaucluse, 84)
Subject(s) 'Temple of Mars'
Author(s) Du Rivail, Aymar
  Jurisconsult and historian from the Dauphiné province (c. 1490-c. 1560)
Resource type Manuscript
Date 1535
References Du Rivail 6014, I, ff. 48v°-49= Terrebasse 1844, p. 91

DLF XVIe siècle, p. 446 ; Terrebasse 1844 ; Macé 1852 ; Lemerle 2003, pp. 17-20 ; Lemerle 2005, pp. 58, 93-95


« Et inter ipsum Iquarium flumen et Arausionem olim erat Martis templum, et adhuc ædificii locus et adjacens campus Martis appellatur ; et si fuerit id templum devictis Allobrogibus a Fabio Maximo constructum, falso ipsum Strabo in [49] loco Victoriæ ædificatum fuisse ait ; quia longe a concursu Isaræ et Rhodani victoriæ loco distabat, ut libro tertio scribemus, et forte perperam Strabo ædificii locum designavit. »
= “Between the Eygues River and Orange there was in times past a temple dedicated to Mars; both the ruins and the neighbouring field conserve the name. If this temple was built by Fabius Maximus to commemorate a victory over the Allobroges, Strabo was wrong to say that it was erected in the place of the victory, since this place is far from the confluent of the Isere and the Rhone which was indicated as the place of the victory in Book 3; it seems very likely that Strabo noted the place of the temple incorrectly.”