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Ville Saintes (Charente-Maritime, 17)
Subject(s) Aqueduct
Author(s) Alain, Nicolas
  Physician (15..?-c. 1570)
Resource type Printed book
Date 1598
References Alain 1598, pp. 24-25= Audiat 1889, p. 54

Audiat 1889 ; Maurin 1978, pp. 100-105 ; Maurin 1999, pp. 150-155, 165-169 ; Lemerle 2005, p. 102


« Ad urbis milliare visuntur aquæ ductus insignes, antiquum Romanorum (ut credibile est) opus, neque ab iis procul celebres fontes duo, [25] alter in agro Douheto, alter in Venerando (sic vulgò vocantur). Distat ille duobus milliaribus à CHARANTONO, in quem per canales subterraneos labitur : Hic mirandum! in capite largissimè scaturiens ab illo sic proximè deficit, ut quo longiùs rivus progrediatur sit hactenus ignotum. »
= “A mile from the town, there is a remarkable aqueduct, built by the Romans (or so it is believed), close to which there are two famous fountains: one at Douhet; the other at Vénérand. The one at Douhet is two miles from the Charente River, into which its waters were channelled by way of underground conduits; the other, surprisingly, though very wide at its source, diminishes so rapidly that it is not currently known where its waters ran to.”