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Of Gallo-Roman antiquities (15th-17th centuries)


Ville Bonnieux (Vaucluse, 84)
Subject(s) Pont Julien
Author(s) Du Rivail, Aymar
  Jurisconsult and historian from the Dauphiné province (c. 1490-c. 1560)
Resource type Manuscript
Date Before 1535
References Du Rivail 6014, I, f. 73= Terrebasse 1844, p. 134

DLF XVIe siècle, p. 446; Terrebasse 1844; Macé 1852; Mesqui 1981, II, p. 11; Tallah 2004, pp. 184-185; Lemerle 2005, p. 58


This first-century Roman bridge, comprising three semicircular arches and constructed on piers pierced with openings equally covered by semicircular arches, is one of the most handsome examples conserved in France


“Et juxta Aptam Juliam est pons Julii supra Calonem fluviolum, et ex hoc a Julio Cæsare dici Aptam Juliam aliqui crediderunt.”
= “And close to Apt, over the Calavon River, is the Jules Bridge, whence the common belief that Apt was founded by Julius Caesar.”